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RV Motorhome Rentals – Huge Money Saving Tips

Are you considering renting an RV for your next vacation?

RVing has become a very popular method of travel over the past several years, and it can be a great way to see the country! Many people, however, don’t want to make the commitment of purchasing an RV, especially for shorter, one-off trips.

Luckily, it’s possible to rent an RV for your next getaway! RV rental companies offer a variety of great RV rentals, at different price points.

So, how can you get the very best deal and save money when renting an RV for your next vacation? We’re here to help! We’ve compiled a list of tips below to ensure you get  the best deal on your next RV rental!

  1. Use a reputable company. While there are a whole host of RV rental companies on the internet, not all of them are great to do business with. Going through a large marketplace like RVShare.com ensures that you are going to get the best bang for your buck. Renting through a site like RVshare allows you to rent directly from both small dealers and private RV owners which can help you save money. You’ll be able to compare hundreds of options so you can guarantee you get the best price.
  1. Bring your own supplies. Bringing your own bedding and utensils (along with anything else you might need to stay comfortable) can save a lot of money when renting an RV for your next trip. Often, RV rental companies will have supplies on hand for you to rent. It sounds convenient (and for some people, it is) but it raises the price of your RV rental by a decent amount! Instead do some research: figure out what you think you might need on the road and bring it with you. Worst case scenario is that you over packed – but at least you won’t be spending an arm and a leg on extras!
  1. Look for deals. Sometimes, you can find really great deals on daily deal sites like Groupon, and sometimes, you can find deals through the rental company themselves! While some deals are advertised, many aren’t – making it extra important for you to ask! Rental companies may have discounts on a particular RV, or perhaps a particular type of RV, or even sometimes discounts for renting an RV over a certain number of days. It’s never a bad idea to check in with your RV rental company and inquire about any promotional discounts that may be happening during your vacation.
  1. Ask for things included. Occasionally, you might be able to rent an RV where the company or owner has a great connection somewhere relevant to your vacation. What do we mean by that? Well, since the RV industry and the travel industry go hand in hand, the rental company may have special relationships worked out with campgrounds, for example. You may even find a great rental company that has deals with tourist attraction locations throughout the state or country. You won’t find out about these upfront, however, so for your next RV rental, ask around to see what you might be able to get bundled in with your RV!
  1. Negotiate. Although this sounds like a no-brainer, we’re often conditioned to think that the price we see on the internet is the price – no wiggle room allowed. Mostly, that’s just not true! It’s in the rental company’s best interest to get their RV rented out – even if it’s not at the exact asking price. Make sure you are respectful about it, but it won’t hurt to ask if there is some room to negotiate the price of your RV rental.

We hope we’ve helped you think of some great ideas for saving money on your next RV rental. Remember – it’s important to get creative when you are looking to save money on an RV rental and there are lots of ways to do it!

To start your search for the perfect RV rental check out thousands of RV rentals available on RVshare.com.


How To Rent Out Your RV When You’re Not Using It

Are you are one of the 8.9 million households in the United States who owns a RV? New research by the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association has shown RV ownership at a record high. Demand for RVs has gone up in the last ten years as the economy has improved and our society has increased leisure time.

How often do you actually use your RV though? Chances are it sits in a garage, or elsewhere, collecting dust, unused for 90% of the year. What if you could turn that 90% of inactivity into a steady income stream instead, and make money off your RV?

Utilizing the Sharing Economy

One of the most cost effective ways to rent out an RV is by utilizing the sharing economy. In recent years, the popularity of peer-to-peer rental companies, and related startups within the sharing economy, has exploded. The sharing economy is a term that includes online services and marketplaces that coordinate the sharing of goods, property, or services.

One example of such a community would be vacation rental services like AirBNB or VRBO. Users can list a room or property for rent and others can request to rent the space during an upcoming trip. Those providing the rentals can set up a calendar showing when their space is available, and create a set of rules and guidelines for renting.

Like AirBNB and VRBO, RVshare is a peer-to-peer network for renting RV’s. Rather than letting your RV sit unused, you can share it with other people who are looking to rent from someone just like them, someone like you. And just like other models of the sharing economy, you get to choose who rents your RV by screening requests based on your own personal requirements. Users can also leave reviews for each other, which builds further trust within the community.

The best part of utilizing the sharing economy, however, is that you set the rate for your property. Typically, the location and type of rental will have some bearing on the price, but ultimately, you have the final say.

Whether you’re just looking to boost your savings account, want to pay down debt, or generate a second income, using RVshare to rent out your RV can help you meet your financial goal.

Why Rent Out Your RV?

Renting out your RV is a valuable option to selling because it allows you to continuously make money and keep your RV, instead of selling it off for a one time cash payment. Instead of making monthly payments on your RV, renting it out allows it to pay for itself.

The RV rental market is a $350 million industry. However, in addition to an extra monthly income, renting out your RV provides a service to families and individuals who enjoy travel and the outdoors just as much as you do. You’ll meet people from all over who want to explore this great country of ours in a cost effective way.

With RVshare you can make hundreds of dollars a day on your idle RV. Depending on the make, model, year, and amenities offered in your RV, you could even make upwards of $30,000 a year. Class A motorhomes tend to be the most profitable, but users on RVshare make tons of side income on campers, trailers, and Class B or C motorhomes as well.

Take Susanne from Waukesha, WI whose sole income now comes from renting her RV on RVshare.

“I wanted to make money so that I could keep my RV, and I have.” gushed Susanne. “I made $12,200 in 2015 and $7,300 already in 2016! The biggest benefits are the money and the people I meet.”

Denton from Delaware, OH is also a RVshare success story.

“I received inquiries within days of posting my listing, and this year I did close to $68,000 in bookings. The biggest benefits have been the cash-flow and meeting people from all over the Midwest.”

RVshare will help you make the most of your idle RV. Upon signing up, you can even email them your zip code along with your vehicle’s specs and they will send back your estimated income.

Getting Started

If you are interested in renting out your RV, you may be wondering how exactly to get started. By signing up with RVshare you’ll gain access to the largest RV rental marketplace where people from all over the country can rent out their RV’s to interested parties.

RVshare provides RV owners with a free service to list their RV for rent, only taking a small commission when a rental is secured. In a few short minutes, you can list your RV, how much you’ll charge for a rental, and review rental requests as they start flooding in.

Upon signing up, you’ll be provided with a step-by-step guide on how to rent out your RV. Typically it starts with providing a photo and information about yourself, adding payment information, and then creating your listing. When you add a new RV to your account, you’ll input its specs, special features or amenities, photos, and a brief description of why someone should choose your RV over someone else’s. You can then set your rates, which are separated into three categories: nightly, weekly, or monthly. It’s best to scope out some of your competition to see what others are charging for a similar rental in your area, and charge a bit less, at less to start with.

Since RVshare uses the sharing economy model, you still have control over who rents your RV, when, and for how long. Their screening process allows you to educate yourself on your renters and whether or not they would be a good fit for your RV rental. You can also adjust your calendar at any time to block off dates when you’ll be using your RV.

If you’re looking to earn a passive income with something you already own, renting your RV through RVshare, is the way to go. Instead of a dust collector, debt hole, or liability, renting out your RV turns it into a valuable investment and potential for making thousands of extra dollars per year.

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